The Lincoln Ranch
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Reproduced parts are being created for our cars

in cases where the original parts have become

too old to be dependably rebuilt.  More items

are being added as the popularity and value of

our vintage Lincolns increases.


New, correct carpet sets

We have one of the industry’s leading experts creating our reproduction carpet sets from new material that matches the factory original in all respects.  Patterns have been made for each model of Lincoln and each body style.  Bindings, heel pads, and all trim pieces are included.  We even provide the carpets pieces that go on the door panels and on the back of the front seats.              

New, correct upholstery sets

Our upholstery expert has made patterns from original upholstery for each year Lincoln.  The materials are carefully chosen to match the original leather or cloth types of upholstery found in our cars.  The sets are delivered, fully finished and ready to be installed on your seat frames.  We recommend that you have a local upholstery shop install the set, so it can be properly stretched and fastened.              

New, correct trunk lining set

Trunk lining kits are available for each year and each body style.  The sets are made from patterns taken from original factory sets.  Kits include the cardboard, trim and finish panels as well as spare tire covers.              

New power window switches

New power window switches are available for our vintage Lincolns.  However, these new switches must be mated with the correct pigtail wiring harness to allow them to plug into your factory wiring system.  Each car requires a custom set of switches to be assembled to match the correct factory wiring.              

New fuel gauge sending unit

New fuel tank fuel gauge sending units have been created for each series Lincoln. Let us know the year of your car and we can provide the properly calibrated sending unit to match your fuel gauge.     

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